Jessica Rycheal, experienced designer and entrepreneur with a passion for typography, illustration and lifestyle photography. The "less is more" philosophy defines my approach to both design and photography. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design at Georgia Southern University in May 2011.

I inherited a love for photographs from my mom, who was known to have a camera glued to her hand. I started experimenting with photography during my first year of college in 2006 at Georgia Southern University. I spent three years learning and working to understand the fundamentals and developing my own eye and style. In November, 2008, the Jessica Rycheal brand was born.

Passion is a lifestyle

Responsive, professional, skilled, proficient, and a pleasure to work with - thank you  for your help in our time crunch. Ryan Leslie
Thanks so much, J! We really appreciate you as an artist and as a businesswoman. We loved working with you from start to finish. We will definitely recommend you to others and we will keep you in mind for anything we may need in the future. Continue to bless the world with your talents 'cause we need it. Jaren Turner
Jessica has an incredible talent of capturing the essence of her subjects through her photos and graphic designs.  I instantly knew she would be "the one" to help me design for my website a new logo, which has been well received by both my clients and peers. Not only is she amply talented, she's insanely easy to work with, and her kindness is off the charts.  Here's to the beginning of a lasting working relationship. Rich Williams
Jessica Rycheal has been a blessing to our organization. Our first project with the company was in 2009 for our annual health fair in honor of National HIV Testing Day. Jessica Rycheal Design is unique and rich with concept-relevant detail. The designs for our T-shirts for the event are still receiving rave reviews by our clients, partners, and sponsors! We have worked with the company for two years now and we hope to continue this partnership for years to come. Jacqueline Brown, Executive Director
Jessica Rycheal offers what most graphic designers don't. Her business etiquette and knowledge is very obvious and as a client it is refreshing to see passion and labor  simultaneously.  Every experience truly is unique and that's why it's so easy to keep coming back.  It truly is a business relationship that goes beyond the receipt. Cedric Thomas
Working with Jessica Rycheal was a definitely a blessing. Professionalism. Comfort. Originality. The shoot started as business and by the end, it became an experience. I was more than pleased with the final product and proudly recommend her business to all who consider. Jay Denson

Why Choose Me?

As a student, I was formally educated on the principles and elements of graphic design. Our curriculum afforded me the opportunity to experience the challenges, dilemmas and responsibilities designers face when working in the field. Since receiving my BFA in Graphic Design in May 2011, I've applied those principles to real-world scenarios both as a front-end web designer and as a print designer. I have a passion for visual problem-solving and a fiesty optimism in the face of challenging projects. My experiences include:
  • Information graphics
  • Logo, identity & branding
  • Print & publication design
  • Front-end web design
I make it my mission to create a unique solution for each client, with both design and photography projects. In the age of over-saturated markets and industries teeming with new businesses and new faces, I believe it's necessary to tailor each project to the client's specific needs and personality. By tailoring the aesthetics to each client, we create a unique portrait or visual that sets the my clients apart in a sea of eager and equally-driven competition.
Passion over everything. That's my motto. While skill and expertise are necessities, passion is what gives every project an x-factor. It's what inspires me to push beyond the first "good" idea or design.


Named one of the Top 1% Most Endorsed in the US for Graphic Design by Linkedin!  
  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • InDesign

  • Wordpress


Passion is a lifestyle.

A life without passion is a life without purpose. That's the philosophy I apply to work, and my life as a whole.

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"A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from his passion, not his position." - John Maxwell


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